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The Xbox Series X – One week later


As you’ve probably gathered from the title, I’ve had the opportunity to use the Xbox Series X for a full week and my impressions are honestly kind of mixed, but I was expecting this. Let’s get this out of the way, in its current state, the Xbox Series X feels more like an iterative update than a generational leap, and that’s not a bad thing. This feeling is likely tied to the fact that I’ve been playing the same games I was enjoying a week earlier on my Xbox One S. It’s no secret, it is missing the jaw dropping, system selling launch title the other guys have.

Knowing this, why the Series X? Simple, access to four generations of Xbox. Being able to grab a game from the backwards compatibility library and replaying it with a higher framerate and expanded resolution is pure bliss. Re-experiencing older titles in a modern technical context has always been a passion of mine. I’m subscribed to the notion that titles from previous generations must continue to adapt and move forward (or in better terms, evolve) with the platform, and currently Xbox allows this, albeit in a limited capacity.

Since the arrival of disc-based consoles, we’ve all grown accustomed to things like increased load times and the occasional in-game framerate drop. But what I’ve enjoyed the most with my Xbox Series X experience thus far are the massive load time reductions and framerate stabilization brought forth by the new system architecture. With reduced load times, you can now transition between levels instantaneously, or restart events in mere seconds.

I also like that I can now quick resume up to three titles on the console. In simple terms, it’s an easy way to cycle through the last three games that are stored in memory. This means I can be playing Ultra Street Fighter IV and immediately change things up by quick resuming my previous Tetris Effect: Connect session. It’s a welcomed quality of life improvement in this fast-paced world.

Currently, the Xbox Series X allows you to experience 40+ games from the original Xbox library, 500+ titles from the Xbox 360 lineup as well as all Xbox One releases. Even without the killer launch lineup, gamers have plenty of enhanced titles to choose from.

The promise of an improved gaming experience got me into the ninth generation of console gaming with an Xbox Series X. I am happy Microsoft chose to continue to embrace its past while looking ahead into the future. So yes, this may feel like an iterative update, but it’s the experience I was looking forward to.

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Monkey Island 2 and Blacklight: Tango Down Now Available

This week’s Xbox Live Arcade titles are “Monkey Island 2” and “Blacklight: Tango Down”. Log into your Xbox Live account to download the titles as of today.

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Engineer to be Updated in Team Fortress 2

Valve recently announced an update to the Engineer class in its popular “Team Fortress 2” (TF2) title. Valve noted that this is the largest single-class update it has made for the game. The download will introduce new maps, items and achievements among other things.

The update is scheduled to be deployed between now and Thursday. Visit for additional information.

Valve also revealed that they will be issuing “Golden Wrenches” to TF2 players. Here’s a clipping from the press release:

“Every time Engineers “craft” (build) something in the game, they have a chance of getting a Golden Wrench. Every 25th Wrench awarded unlocks more info about the update.”

Visit to track the Wrenches found.

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Pandemic Studios to Close Down

According to Kotaku, Pandemic Studios is no more. The developper behind the hits “Full Spectrum Warrior” and “Star Wars: Battlefront” is rumored to be axed by Electronic Arts later today. Go to for the full story.

The team had been working on the eagerly anticipated video game Saboteur. The project is said to now be in the hands of EA Montreal.

The downfall of the studio started with the closing of Pandemic Studios Brisbane who were working on the never realeased “Dark Knight” game for EA.

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Left 4 Dead 2 Ships to Retail

Valve latest zombie slaughter fest “Left 4 Dead 2” has shipped to retail outlets. The game is available on the PC and for the Xbox 360.

PC owners can purchase the game immediately through Valve’s digital distribution service STEAM for $49.99USD. The Xbox 360 version retails for $59.99USD.

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