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On Tap for This Week – 08/27/07

On Tap for This WeekThree words “Metroid Prime Corruption“, nuff said.


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Zoo Tycoon 2 Headed to the DS

Zoo Tycoon 2 (PC)
THQ Inc. today announced Zoo Tycoon 2 DS, based on the game published by Microsoft Game Studios and one of the most popular Windows PC-based life simulation franchises ever, is scheduled to make the brand’s second appearance on the Nintendo DS in early 2008. Developed by Altron, Zoo Tycoon 2 DS includes improved gameplay and new features that will captivate fans of the life simulation genre, as well as animal lovers who have long dreamed of running their own zoo. THQ’s original Zoo Tycoon DS game has become one of the top selling DS titles, having sold-in more than half a million units in the U.S., according to The NPD Group, since its initial launch.

In Zoo Tycoon 2 DS, players will create the zoo of their dreams while collecting and caring for their favorite animals from every continent. The game features three game modes including Zoo Designer Mode, Zoo Director Mode and all new Zookeeper Mode which gives players the ability to view and care for three-dimensional versions of animals. Zoo Tycoon 2 DS also features new animals and environments, as well as complete use of the touch screen and DS Stylus for all zoo activities, ranging from zoo construction to purchasing animals. Players can also exchange zoo data with friends via multicard play and compete to see who can build the best zoo.

For more information about Zoo Tycoon 2 DS and the rest of THQ’s line-up of games, please visit

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Metroid Mania Finally Kicks Off

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
It might have taken Nintendo awhile to start the promotional ball rolling on “Metroid Prime 3: Corruption” (MP3), but the hype kicked into full speed with the release of last week’s Wii MP3 preview channel. The preview gave gamers the opportunity to view a few trailers and view images related to the title.

Before the preview release, online gaming media outlets were quick to point out Nintendo’s lack of promotion for this supposed AAA title. But it didn’t take long for the big “N” PR team to downplay the scenario and announce that the proper promotion would be made in time for the game’s release. And Nintendo managed to strike a chord with gamers with the release of the MP3 preview channel, as every Wii owner got to sample the pre-alert thanks to the console’s Connect 24 system.

With the positive spin garnished by Nintendo’s initiative, expect Microsoft and Sony to follow through with their own type of pre-hype on their distinctive consoles. It’s only a matter of time before we start seeing Xbox 360 blades dedicated to particular games, or a specific Sony cross-media icon for upcoming releases. If used right, things could be interesting, but if abused the scenario could turn out to be a PR mess.

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Knibble Wii Website Unleashed, the largest aggregator of casual games online today announced its new Nintendo Wii Internet game destination, Knibble Wii, offering over 5,000 Wii-friendly games. This debut marks one of the largest Nintendo Wii compatible content releases ever. Players can now enjoy the Internet’s most popular web based games such as Bejeweled and Solitaire directly through their Wii console, optimized specifically for the Wii Internet Channel – with no downloads required! Knibble Wii draws its Wii compatible games from a rapidly growing database of more than 10,000 casual games aggregated on the Internet’s most comprehensive casual gaming site,

We are very excited to provide Wii users with an entirely new and comprehensive set of games, all easily reached from their Wii console,” said Knibble Wii Founder & CEO Sashi Chimala. “The success of the Wii has completely opened up the casual gaming market. We are very pleased to be a part of it and look forward to the future of online casual games.

Wii gamers can access the Knibble Wii gaming site by simply selecting the Wii Internet Channel and entering They will be directed to the Wii-optimized Knibble Wii site and can choose from thousands of casual games. With the low availability of Wii-optimized content available on the Wii Internet Channel, Knibble Wii promises to become a leading site for Wii gamers.

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Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Rocks!

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

My Nintendo Wii has been getting a lot of playtime lately since the release of “Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition“. This game plays so well with the Wii-mote that I can’t even imagine ever wanting to return to the GameCube version. Before the RE4, the Wii had been sitting in my entertainment centre gathering dust. Now if we could only get a game third-person title similar to “Gears of War“. Come one Epic, give us an Unreal engine based game with the third-person perspective that was utilized in “Unreal Championship 2” on the original Xbox! Jump on the Wii band wagon already will you!

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