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Sony’s Playstation Portable, a definitive dud?
Sony’s Playstation Portable (PSP) got some negative press recently when Sony’s Ken Kutaragi stated that the device would have a battery life of four to six hours. Kutaragi also iterated that the battery life would depend on which title you’re playing and at what settings you’re using the device. The CEO also stated that the battery life issue would be improved with time. Sony wants the PSP to have a 10 year shelve life; does this mean Sony plans to role out more than one PSP model throughout the years? The Sony PSP is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2005 with an approximate price tag of $180.00US. Nintendo’s upcoming handheld, the DS, is expected to have a 10 hour battery life span and will retail for $199.99CDN and will hit store shelves on Nov. 21.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft gets a street date
Famed developer Blizzard announced last week that the eagerly anticipated massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) “World of Warcraft” (for the PC) will be hitting store shelves on Nov. 23 despite denying a Nov. 22 release date a few weeks back. The game will come in two flavours, a regular edition (which features 30-days of free gameplay) for $59.99CDN and a collector’s edition (which includes such items a World of Warcraft behind-the-scenes DVD, an exclusive in-game pet, a soundtrack CD, an Art of the World of Warcraft coffee table book, and collectable items) for approximately $90CDN. After the 30-day trial expires, gamers will have to fork out $16.90CDN a month to continue playing.

Yet another Hitman sequel in the works
The PR folks at Eidos Interactive announced that a sequel to “Hitman Contracts” is in the works for the Xbox, PS2 and PC platforms. The game will be known as Hitman: Blood Money and you will once again reprise the role of the deadly assassin Agent 47. The game will be powered by the new Glacier graphics engine, which should deliver a more realistic experience. Expect the title to show-up in the spring of 2005. There’s no word yet whether or not composer Jesper Kyd will be attached to the project.

Resident Evil 4 headed to the Playstation 2
GameCube fans might be a-little disappointed with this one as Capcom revealed that “Resident Evil 4” would also appear on the PS2 in late 2005. The famed survival horror title was due to be a GameCube exclusive, but weak sales for previous Resident Evil titles on the Nintendo console made the move eminent. Still, GameCube owners will get a chance to play RE4 long before their PS2 counterparts as the game is expected to hit store shelves on Jan. 11, 2005.

Halo 2 sales expected to surpass summer blockbusters
Microsoft expects “Halo 2” to generate more revenue in 24 hours than day one sales of any full feature movie in entertainment history. The game, which hit store shelves on Nov. 9, had strong pre-order numbers with over 1.5 million copies reserved in the US alone. The original Halo, an Xbox launch title, sold more than 5 million copies worldwide since its launch in 2001.

André Barriault lives in Dieppe and is co-editor at the gaming website – Originally published in [here] magazine in Nov. 2004

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