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Halo 2 sells 2.4 million copies on launch day
Microsoft announced that 2.4 million copies of “Halo 2” were sold in the US and Canada on Nov. 9, which amounted to sales worth more than $125 million. These numbers are pretty interesting when compared to the $70 million grossed by “The Incredibles” on opening weekend. Analysts expect the Xbox title to sell more than 3.5 million copies by Christmas.

Half-Life 2 leaked, but…
It was reported on Nov. 11 that some retailers jumped the Nov. 16 street date launch of the PC first person shooter “Half-Life 2” and started selling copies early on. Folks who had managed to get an early copy were surprised to find out that they couldn’t play the game until Nov. 16 due to the fact that Half-Life 2’s content is locked on developer Valve’s Steam servers. Users are obliged to register on the servers before being able to access the game. A very clever move by the folks at Valve.

Codemasters announce PSP support
Last week, Codemastes announced that they will be porting over two of their most respected driving title to Sony’s upcoming PSP handheld. In a press release, Codmasters revealed that “Colin McRae Rally 05” and “TOCA Race Driver 2” would be released on the unit in the spring of 2005. Colin McRae Rally 2005 is being developed by Six By Nine, while TOCA is in the hands of Sumo Digital. There is still no word yet on when the highly anticipated Sony PSP will reach North American store shelves.

Three flavours of the Xbox 2???
The internet has been running rampant with the rumour that Microsoft will release three versions of its upcoming Xbox 2 console next year. It is said that a lower priced non hard drive based unit will be released accompanied by an identical system with hard drive based storage capabilities. The third option would be a hybrid Xbox 2/PC that would feature PC and PVR functionalities and would include a hard drive, a wireless mouse, a keyboard and a CD burner. Microsoft has yet to comment on the units. The Xbox 2 (or Xbox Next) is expected in the Fall of 2005.

Metal Gear Solid 4 in the works
Konami confirmed that a fourth Metal Gear Solid iteration is in the works. It’s still unknown whether or not series creator Hideo Kojima will be involved in the title. Kojima did announce earlier this year that “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater” would be the last title in the current story arc. Metal Gear Solid 3 is expected to hit store shelves this week.

Warren Spector exits Eidos
Famed veteran developer Warren Spector has announced his departure from Ion Storm, an Eidos owned development house. Eidos noted in a press release that Spector will continue to work with the company as an IP consultant. Spector rose to fame thanks to his involvement in the “Deus Ex” and “Thief” franchises. It is heavily rumored that Spector will join publisher Midway and head the company’s Austin Studios.

André Barriault lives in Dieppe and is co-editor at the gaming website – Originally Published in [here] magazine in Nov. 2004

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