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Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation Review

Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation

Finally released in North America; this sequel to Neighbors From Hell is everything the original was except 10 times funnier. The game on its own is pretty simple; you are Woody a character whose goal is to piss off his neighbor who are on vacation trying to get away from you. In order to achieve your goal you must continue to annoy your neighbors and turn their vacation into a living hell, hence the name Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation.

So why did it take so long for this game to get released in North America? Well perhaps this is mainly due to the fact that we have ESRB and therefore have to obey their certain rules, even if it means almost having to rewrite the whole game again. Let’s be honest, the European version of this game was released in March of 2004 and the North American version you ask, two-years later in March of 2006.

The original game never really found an audience in North America due to the fact that wasn’t advertised as well as it should have been. Trust me, if you know someone who has played the original Neighbors From Hell, they will surely tell you that this a game that will keep you laughing for hours. And the same can be said for this one.

The nice thing about this game is that it retails for around $19.99, and for added value, it comes packaged with the original. So if you missed out on the first one then this is your opportunity to have and enjoy both games.

Their isn’t much of a learning curve for this game, in other words, you start to get the hang of things within the first 20 minutes of gameplay. After which you want to start making combos. In each level you play, you must get a certain number of traps setup in order to piss your neighbor off with. The more of these traps your neighbor hits in a row, the higher your score gets. If you successfully manage to have them hit all the traps in a row you will annoy your neighbor to the breaking point and win a bonus award. All and all, it’s just plain and simple fun.

As for the technical aspect the game, it does not require much to run. You will need nothing more than a measly 233 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, an 8MB Video card and about 550 MB of disk space. This baby will even run on Microsoft Windows 95. Now, before you go and say that those are pretty crappy requirements and thus must mean the game graphics suck; well you couldn’t be more wrong!

The graphics for this game are pretty good, and the animation is very well done for its kind. The soundtrack is nothing to dance about, but then again you’re not playing this game for its graphics or music, you’re playing it to piss off a big fat guy and see him have a heart attack after all the pranks you pulled on him.

One thing for all you soccer moms out there; this game is rated teen – that means that kids under the age of 13 should not be playing this game. The crude humor is not for everyone. But who am I kidding the average person will have a hell of a good time and find themselves rolling on the floor laughing.

Go buy Neighbors From Hell: On Vacation, it will end-up being the best $19.99 you’ve ever spent on a budget title.

By Gilles Gaumont

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