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Who are you going to call… Ghostbusters?


Obviously, the biggest title hitting store shelves this week is Atari’sGhostbusters: The Video Game“, which will be available on all major platforms. As you probably already know, this game is a sequel of sorts in which gamers get to play through moments from the first two movies.

I’m personally going to pickup the Xbox 360 version, but I’m also interested in seeing what the motion controls on the Wii have to offer. We’ve all dreamt of using on of those photon beam.

The game will be available on the PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC and DS and will start appearing in stores on June 16.

A New Xbox in 2010?

Rumors have started appearing on the Internet that Microsoft will be launching a new iteration of its Xbox console in the Fall of 2010. From what I’ve seen thus far, the console would be dubbed “Xbox Natal” and would be more or less the Xbox 360 in a new form factor with the Natal camera system packaged with it.

The new Natal console would be slightly more powerful than the current Xbox 360. Nintendo kind of pulled a similar move with the Wii, which is basically a repackaged GameCube with motion control.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft will respond to this. Keep in mind that the original Xbox was replaced by the 360 four years into its life span.

Personally, I think if this were to happen, it will be what the PS2 Slim was to the original PlayStation 2. The same console in a smaller casing.

New The Maw Deleted Scene Released

A new deleted scene was released for the Xbox Live Arcade title “The Maw”. The new level, titled River Redirect, will set you back 100 Microsoft points for the purchase. The game also gives you the opportunity to score another 15 achievement points.

The extra content is available now through the Xbox Live Marketplace.